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Risolve works with young graduates with a common passion for technology and Information Technology in a young, dynamic and appealing environment.

The company is growing and is thus seeking to collaborate both with specialists of many years’ experience and with young graduates.

To send your curriculum: job@risolve.com

Informative about privacy (complete informative (italian))
The curriculum for a candidate has to contain information useful to evaluate his/her profile.
The information provided will be used striclty for this selection. In case of negative evaluation the information will be kept in our files for future selections. It is possible to contact the service Human Resource Management to verify one's information, request an update or integration or to have other rights stated in art. 7 of italian "Codice della privacy" applied.
Eventual sensible information provided (in particular related to health, religion and political matters) will be immediately removed if and explicit authorization to keep this kind of data is missing.